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Мнение об изучении английского с помощью песен на английском языке.

оа мой взгляд, английский язык учить по современным текстам к тому, что называется песнями, не имеет большого смысла, потому что эти некачественные тексты песен не имеют смысла. Мо всяком случае "догнать" его очень сложно, не говоря уже о самом псевдо-английском языке, состоящем из сленга, набора слов и междометий. Ёто, кстати, относится и к изучению русского языка по современным попсовым бессмысленным песням. Медь там практически нет русского языка - обрывки фраз, в крайнем случае, двустишие.

ложно слушать и понимать красоту языка текстов в исполнении ‘ренка синатру, хампердинка, стрейзанд или еще более ранних исполнителей (?орис ?ей и др.), но боюсь что такая музыка(а это действительно музыка и песни) покажется скучной для многих, хотя это любимо уже несколькими поколениями.

песня Trial Before Pilate (including the 39 lashes) и синхронный текст


    Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jesus Christ - superstar (p) 1970

Pilate  And so the king is once again my guest!
        And why is this? Was Herod unimpressed?
Caiaphas We turn to Rome to sentence Nazareth
         We have no low to put a man to death
         We need him crucified - it's all you have to do
         We need him crucified - it's all you have to do
Pilate  Talk to me, Jesus Christ
        You have been brought here - manacied, beaten
        By your own people - do you have the first idea
                                       why you deserue it?
        Listen, King of the jews, where is your kingdom?
        Look at me - am I a jew?
Jesus   I have got no kingdom in this world -
        I'm through, through, through
Mob     Talk to me, Jesus Christ
Jesus   These may be a kingdom for me somewhere -
        If I only knew
Pilate  Then you're a king?
Jesus   It's you that say I am
        I look for truth and find that I get damned
Pilate  But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law?
        We both have truth - are mine the same as yours?
Mob     Crucify him!
Pilate  What do you mean? You'd crucify your king?
Mob     We have no king but Caesar!
Pilate  He's done no wrong - no not the slightest thing
Mob     We have no king but Caesar! Crucify him!
Pilate  I see no reason - I find no evil
        This man is harmless so why does he upset you?
        He's just misquided - thinks he's important
        But to keep you vultures happy I shall flog him
Mob     Crucify him!
                    ( ... 39 lashes ... )
Pilate  Where are you from, Jesus?
                        What do you want, Jesus? Tell me
        You've got to be careful -
                    you could be dead soon - could well be
        Why do you not speak when I have your life
                                              in my hands?
        How can you stay quiet?
                            I don't believe you understand
Jesus   You have nothing in your hands
        Any power you have comes to you from far beyond
        Everthing is fihed and you can't change it
Pilate  You're a fool, Jesus Christ - how can I help you?
Mob     Pilate! Crucify him!
        Remember Caesar - you have a duty
        To keep the peace so crucify him
        Remember Caesar - you'll be demoted
        You'll be deported
        Crucify him!
Pilate  Don't let me stop your great self-destruction
        Die if you want to you misquided martyr
        I wash my hands of your demolition
        Die if you want to you innocent puppet!

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