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Мнение про изучение английского языка не только с помощью музыки и песен, но и с помощью фильмов.

... Ну, а что до английского блабольканья, то могу Мам дать совет: возьмите фильм с субтитрами, средненького репетитора, который поможет Мам с ним разобраться, проработайте каждую фразу по системе "услышал-повторил-перевел на русский" до состояния, когда каждую фразу из фильма будете знать, как знаете фразу "I live in Vladivostok" или "My name is ...", возьмите еще пяток фильмов и проработайте их также, как первый. заговорите на английском языке как пить дать. Проверенно неоднократно!!!

песня This Jesus Must Die и синхронный текст

    Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jesus Christ - superstar (p) 1970

Jerusalem, Sunday Priest 1 Good Caiaphas, the council waits for you The pharisees and priests are here for you Caiaphas Oh, gentlemen - you know why we are here We've not much time and quite a problem here Mob (outside) Hosanna! Superstar! Annas Listen to that holdin mob of blockheads in the street! A trick or two with lepers and the whole town's on it's feet All He's dangerous! Mob (outside) Jesus Christ superstar Tell us that you're who they say you are All He's dangerous! Priest 2 The man is in town right now to whip up some support Priest 3 A rabble rousin mission that I think we must abort All He's dangerous! Mob (outside) Jesus Christ superstar All He's dangerous! Priest 2 Look Caiaphas - they're right outside our yard! Priest 3 Quick Caiaphas - go call the roman guard Caiaphas No wait! We need a more permanent Solution to our problem here Annas What then to do about Jesus of Nazareth Miracle of wonderman - hero of fools? Priest 3 No riots, no army, no fighting, no slogans Caiaphas One thing I'll say for him - Jesus is cool Annas We dare not leave him to his own devices His half-witted fans will get out of control Priest 3 But how can we stop him? His glamour increases By leaps every minute - he's top of the poll Caiaphas I see bad thing arisin - the crowd crown him king Which the romans would ban I see blood and destruction our elimination because of one man Blood and Destruction because of one man All Because, because, because of one man Caiaphas Our elimination because of one man All Because of one 'cause of one 'cause of one man Priest 3 What then to do about this jesusmania? Annas How do we deal with the carpener king? Priest 3 Where do we start with a man, who is bigger Than John was when John did his baptism thing? Caiaphas Fools! You have no perception! The stakes we are gamblin are frighteningly high We must crush him completly - So like John before him, this Jesus must die For the sake of the nation this Jesus must die All Must die, must die, this Jesus must die Caiaphas So like John before him, this Jesus must die All Must die, must die, this Jesus must, Jesus must, Jesus must die.

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